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Publication agreement:
  • If I publish abstracts using data from PREVENT-AD, I agree to the following:
"I will cite PREVENT-AD as the source of data in the abstract if space allows"
  • If I publish manuscripts using data from PREVENT-AD, I agree to the following:
"I will state the source of data and cite the primary publication of PREVENT-AD in the methods section of my manuscripts by including language similar to the following: 'Data used in preparation of this article were obtained from the Pre-symptomatic Evaluation of Novel or Experimental Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease (PREVENT-AD) program. (Breitner et al., 2016)'."
Commercialization agreement:
  • I will not attempt to sell or claim intellectual property rights in the PREVENT-AD dataset
Privacy agreement:
  • I will not attempt to re-identify or re-contact individual participants,
  • In particular, I will not link the data to other datasets if that could lead to their re-identification
Ethical Oversight agreement:
  • I will obtain any required approvals for the use of the PREVENT-AD dataset
Use restriction agreement:
  • This open PREVENT-AD dataset must be used for ‘neurosciences research’ as stipulated in the consent form.
Confidentiality agreement:
  • Sharing of this dataset must be done through this portal. Do not redistribute the data yourself. Redirect potential users to this portal so they can register and agree to these terms.
Monitoring agreement:
  • I will respond to requests from PREVENT-AD, if any. I will immediately report to PREVENT-AD activity that breaches these terms.